The     Amandla     Cement     plant     boasts     both     new     and     latest technology.   This   plant,   as   part   of   its   setup,   boasts         an   effective system    of    equipment    and    infrastructure    layout,    simple    but effective     engineering     systems     and     designs     and     short     but effective   systems   of   conveyances   all   of   which   will   enhance   both production concepts and our cost of production.     The    milling    process    of    our    raw    blast    furnace    slag    will    be enhanced    through    the    latest    technology    ball    mills    which    was acquired after our intense Research.  The   superior   quality   of   our   milled   slag   lies   in   the   blaines   at   which we   envisage   milling   our   slag   to.   The   plant   is   designed   to   have   an output   of   30   tons   per   hour.   The   plant   will   be   producing   500   000 bags   of   cement   per   month   and   is   also   designed   to   handle   both bulk product and bagging.
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