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Company Profile of Amandla Cement

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Introduction The Amandla Cement plant boasts both new and latest technology. This plant, as part of its setup, boasts   an effective system of equipment and infrastructure layout, simple but effective engineering systems and designs and short but effective systems of conveyances all of which will enhance both production concepts and our cost of production. Vision To become the leading proudly South African cement manufacturer that complies with SABS and Civil Industries Standards.   Mission To create footprints in other provinces by establishing at least 4 other cement plants. To become the company that benefits the community and its shareholders through wealth and job creation and skills development. To implement and manage  an effective Community Outreach program To infiltrate the supply and distribution markets for growth To engage vigorously and “capture” the second economy market( rural and semi -rural) To provide quality service, a competitive product, and a flexible but effective service to our target market.   To ensure safe working conditions for all employees. To foster and enhance the  growth  and an equal opportunity company To assist government in developing suitable rural developments and infrastructural growth. Ownership The company comprises 6 directors who initiated this project. Amandla Cement Pty Ltd is located within the Amajuba District Municipality. The plant is envisaged to make a positive contribution to the economic status of the District, the lives of our community and our country as a whole. The directors are various captains from Industry, Business, Public and Private Sector who bring along with them a wealth of, Qualifications, Expertise and Experience in the following areas: Financial  and Administration Management Human Resource and Project Management Design and Commissioning Logistics and Transport Management Sales and Marketing Strategic and Change Management Asset and Infrastructure Management Budgeting Engineering Business Management Road Construction Building Construction Infrastructure Maintenance and  Management Director: Finance and Materials: RENASH RAMDAS   Mr Renash Ramdas is CEO of multiple companies, he has in excess of 20 years Corporate trade, both Locally and Internationally. Strong business acumen and an individual who is also highly committed to Social Responsibility Programmes .He has profound experience in Administration   Management, Material Handling, Financial Management and Planning. He has vast knowledge of Business Management, Importing and Exporting, Networking and Financial Planning Director: Technical Services and Production: ASHWIN BEHARI Mr Ashwin Behari is CEO of multiple local successful companies. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Mechanical Engineering field. His expertise within the Cement Industry ranges from Production, Maintenance, Plant Commissioning and Management. His forte lies in Project Management, Team Leading and Business Planning. Having spent a considerable part of his life within industry whilst gaining his knowledge and experience and having worked in a Cement Plant for more than 20 years. Director: Business Development/ Marketing and Partnership: DUMSANI DENNIS NGCOBO     Mr Dumsani Dennis Ngcobo is a prominent business gentleman who has multiple skills, expertise knowledge and experience within the private, business and government sector. His experience extends to both Provincial and National levels. Attached to his experience is the following: Head of Department: Office of the  National  Deputy Minister Science and Technology,  Managing Director Siza Developments, Sports  Administrator  KZN Government, Director Mayoral Support Zululand District Municipality, Institutional  Social Development Officer Zululand District Municipality and Project Co-ordinator Zululand District Municipality. Added to his experience his forte also lies in Marketing, Strategic Business Development, Project Management and Creating Synergies and Partnerships. Director: Administration and Quality Management: PETER FERNANDO   Mr Peter Fernando is a Director of multiple Civil and Construction Companies. He has combined expertise and experience of more than 20 years within the fields of Road Construction, the Aviation Industry and Import/Export Markets. He has profound experience and knowledge in Strategic Planning, Corporate Networking, Administration Quality Management and Financial Management. With this wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. Director: Operations and Maintenance: ANESH HARRICHURAN   Mr Anesh Harrichuran is an Engineering Manager with the Department of Higher Education. He holds many accolades under his belt as Manager for the largest Engineering Public Education Training and Development Organization in South Africa for the past 30 years. He is instrumental in Artisan Training and Development.  He has both a Mechanical and Professional Qualification and boasts a wealth of experience in Strategic Planning and Maintenance Management Director: Transport/Sales/ Logistics and Marketing: AJAY RAMDAS   Mr Ajay Ramdas is the CEO of a Construction and Maintenance Company. He has a wealth of experience that spans over 15 years in various fields that include; Marketing, Transport and Logistics, Financial Management and Contract Conclusions. He has a track record of concluding business deals and executing thereof. Furthermore he boast an impeccable record in sales and marketing and has achieved accolades for breaking sales barriers both locally and provincially. He has an impeccable track record a business deal concluder” within the business and sales fraternity.